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 Although suitable for simple comparisons, the t-test is frequently misused, leading to biased and/or invalid results. If you're not sure which statistical tests are appropriate for your data, Alpha Biostats can help. Contact us today!


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Welcome to Alpha Biostats, where your statistics problems are solved.

Alpha Biostats provides the statistical support you need to get results: data analysis, study design, sample size estimates, database design, customized questionnaires and case report forms....  


Writing a research proposal? Alpha Biostats offers the expertise you need to develop a solid statistical plan for your grant proposal. Available services include sample size estimates, statistical methods recommendations, database design, questionnaire design and customized case report forms.



Planning a pilot or laboratory study? Obtaining viable statistical results from small samples requires careful planning.  Alpha Biostats can recommend statistical methods that will increase the likelihood that your small-sample pilot or lab study will produce meaningful results.   


Need existing data analyzed? Alpha Biostats offers comprehensive data analysis, from data error checking to hypothesis testing, and everything in between.


Wondering how to efficiently manage your data? Alpha Biostats will custom design a database to meet your needs.


Working on a thesis or dissertation project? Alpha Biostats offers reliable and affordable statistical support to graduate students.

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